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Saved by the bell!

Saved by the bell!

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Saved by the bell! My language arts mentor set up presentation on Chile so the student could be more acquainted with what they were reading for warm-ups. It consisted of a picture walk while she explained the pictures. She used a lot of vocabulary words (previous and cross subject). I thought it was fantastic! Her presentation took the majority of class. By the time the kids started reading Where the red Fern Grows we were pretty late into the period. Just the fight got really important the bell rang. I’d never been so thankful for something to interrupt reading. The students were so disappointed! They were so engrossed in the book!! I know what’s coming so I felt nothing but relief.

My mentor apologized for taking up time with “non-English” things. I stared at her and just gawked. Finally I went, “What? You gave a great presentation that tied in with their warm up. It created background for them. How is that not English? You’re helping them to understand their warm ups, you’re doing extra to create meaning for the students. You used all the correct vocabulary for science too. That’s, well, I thought that was the point of common core standards.” She then stared at me. So I had to ask if I was misunderstanding common core. I hoped I wasn’t misunderstanding them since that’s what I’ve been trained in. She was very relieved to hear that I felt that everything she’d done connected the English material as she needed it too. From what she was telling me, it seems she’s gotten written up for doing non-English things to create experience and background before. (She had the students carve soap to go along with The Cay so that they would understand the work and what went into it.) There’s a reason her students love her. She goes above and beyond! She makes learning fun. But, she was really worried about the presentation and my observation because she wasn’t certain that it fit into English at all. Sad facts, her students don’t even get to do any creative writing!

In the Kindergarten classes, my mentors are always asking my opinions for things. One asked me if they should use foil for the buckles on hats for the pilgrims. YES! They’re shiny and I think that the kids would love it. The other lets me pick out activities and items to do for art center. So we got to color with chalk. Here’s the great thing about chalk – works similar to pastels but are not as messy. Chalk can be washed off much easier so parents don’t get mad that we’ve ruined someone’s clothes. We wanted to use pastels because the children don’t get to use pastels. The issue was that they’re really messy. So, what can we use that the kids don’t use often that will wash out easily? We tried chalk. They loved it! It’s also great for mixing colors.

This morning I’m going to meet with another principal for some hours. I’m hoping it goes well. I have another meeting for more hours tomorrow. I also have grocery shopping. But what I’d really like is to warm up!

The fairest has been chosen.
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