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Emotional Breakdown Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday!

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Slowly getting things updated! I have plans to make layouts for all of my cliques. I have this weird obsession that when I change Elysian Fields, Tartarus, and Merry-go-Round that they need to match. So I need to find a protagonist, an antagonist, and a sage/princess for the three. I couldn’t decide this morning, so I worked on Wings of the Heart instead. Maybe I’ll do something Mana Khemia related? I also changed the layout for Nonsensical Madness, tweaked the colors today. I like it better now, I think.

I finished reading Gears of Wonderland, it wasn’t bad. Though I recognized some particular weaknesses that I have in my own writing. I feel that it’ll help reinforce some of my own writing. Little things really bothered me, and so I know to fix them in my own writing. The story itself was save wonderland and turned out to be pretty straightforward. Plot twists were easy to see and left much to be desired for build up.

In Mana Khemia 2, I need to go talk to Tony about training Uryu. I really like Enna, Goto, and Pepperoni (Pekyuun)! Not really liking Ulrika or Chloe too much though. Considering playing Student Alliance just for the fun of it. I can also just beat this and switch back to Raze’s story. I’m just not finding Ulrika as engaging or wonderful as Vayne or Raze. Plus, I have to deal with Tony more with Ulrika and I’m still tired of his crap from the first game!

Heaven’s Network is Wide Updates:
Wings of the Heart - New Layout!
Nonsensical Madness - New Layout!
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