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Emotional Breakdown Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

When it Rains, it Pours

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  • SnowRayjah
Shin-Ra Electric Power Company

Welcome to my office. How'd you get in here without clearence anyways? I have been tricked into chosen to head the Turks for Cherri Shinra. Well, whatever if you're here; I am putting you to work.


My name is Snow Rayjah. You may call me "Snow", "Rayjah", or "Rae".

I fancy myself a writer, a knight, and a dancer. All but one by choice. My pen is my sword but it doesn't change the fact that I really can't dance - not in the traditional sense, at least.

Writing is my passion. I need it. I am also fond of Ancient Cultures and mythology. I love secrets and mysteries, more so finding them out. It's a puzzle - as it should be. I love music and can be very fickle when it comes down to it. I believe that music is a great way to communicate emotion and if I can't feel it it doesn't mean anything.

Besides writing and Turks work, I go to school. Currently on teaching degree.



  • Vincent Valentine - Tseng

  • Xanxus - Yamamoto Takeshi

  • Leon Garcia de Asturias

  • Tibarn - Heath

  • Tachibana Shito

  • Morinozuka Takashi

  • Hashiba Touma

  • Guy Cecil

  • Aragaki Shinjiro

  • Goda Ryuji

  • Sterkenburg Cranach

  • Hijikata Toshizou

  • Malik Caesar

  • Vashyron

  • Alistair

Book: His Dark Materials Trilogy, Jurassic Park
Game: Final Fantasy VII (obviously), Yakuza, Dragon Age
Current Manga Obsession: Katekyou Hitman Reborn!, Dengeki Daisy

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Emotional much? Grey eyes. Loves being Blonde. Loyal. Determined. Adamantine. Gamer. Reader. Writer. Tries to always be kind. Still working at being patient. Dreamer. Loving. Hopeless Romantic. Hopeful. Casual. Calm. Wings It. Adores siblings. All of them. Pengtwin. Silver. Ice Blue. Will throw shoes. And rocks. Oldest. Prefers Vanilla. Empath. Articulate. No Regrets. Embraces Life and Death. Frequent Nightmares. Free.

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